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Into-plane Fuelling

CITA Aviation uses its scheduling experience and its cross-trained cadre of employees to ensure that all commitments are met in a timely manner. We deliver the exact amount of fuel while maintaining timely and accurate records, at any time we can provide our customers with detailed and accurate records of fuel deliveries. We pay strict attention to health, safety and environment regulations and policies with our tarmac executives going through extensive training.

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Bulk Storage Facilities

We guarantee that all products received at our facilities comply with international standards with storage facilities at key airports in Nigeria. We maintain a healthy stock of refined products for Major Oil Companies and Airlines. From these locations we facilitate distribution to end-users through barges, road tankers and aviation fuel bowsers.

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Bowser/Refueller Leasing

Modern jet aircraft require high quality fuel in order for the engines to provide optimum performance and safe flight. Strict quality, handling, traceability and performance criteria must be met before the fuel can be used. With jet fuel testing services from CITA, you can be sure of the very highest degree of quality control.

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CITA’s Consultancy sets the standard for excellence and exhibiting leadership in service to the petroleum industry by providing experience and knowledgable consultants who are confident, competent, efficient and take pride in their work while adhering at all times to the highest safety standards.

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Aviation Fuel System Maintenance

CITA Petroleum guarantees to meet your maintenance needs with quality service you can depend on. With numerous repair events and satisfied customers behinds us, CITA continues to move ahead to become a constant source for your fuel systems maintenance and repair needs.

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