Corporate HSE Policy

CITA is committed to being the service provider of choice in terms of customer’s satisfaction and service reliability. It is CITA’s firm conviction to achieve this objective. An integral part of CITA’s culture must be an absolute commitment to the safety and health of all employees, stake holders and other persons who may be affected by her activities, and to the optimum protection of the environment in which its operations are conducted. To achieve this, the following shall apply:

Strict compliance with health, safety and environment policies shall form an integral part of all our management objectives and an essential part of the individual objectives of each employee. CITA commits to comply with all relevant laws, statutes regulations relating to safety within her operational environment.

The health, safety and environment policies of CITA shall be communicated to all employees of CITA and its suppliers and to all third parties, with whom CITA may be associated.

It is the policy of CITA that an acceptance of the responsibility of working safely and protecting the environment is a pre –condition of employment. No employee will commit, condone, or knowingly be party to an unsafe act or violation of CITA’s health, safety and environment policies.
Third parties, suppliers and third party personnel working on CITA locations or in CITA facilities are required to conduct themselves in a manner, which is in compliance with CITA health, safety and environment policies, applicable statutory regulations as well as the policies of their respective companies.

CITA will help her employees to care for their own health, when required by project location and condition, medical support provided may include vaccinations, physical checkups, and medical evacuation, in addition, CITA shall provide its personnel with various kinds of assistance such as information and medical insurance plans, however, the ultimate responsibility for personnel health lies with each employee.

CITA will review its policies and procedures on health, safety and environment every three (3) years and when circumstances made it mandatory to ensure a steady improvement of its safety management system. Revised policies and procedures will be communicated to all concerned at least six weeks before it becomes effective.

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